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how to participate in challenge:

step 1: see color palette

step 2: draw something with color palette

and that’s it!!! the challenges are just week-long activities to encourage you to draw (“: it’s also a great way to practice limited color schemes!! i won’t post them very often though.

1. Can I do these even though it’s too late/I missed a day?

  • Yeah, of course! You can pick and choose certain palettes to do, or start from the end and go backwards. They’re here for you to play with!

2. Can I use other colors?

  • Go for it! The point of these challenges is to offer limited color schemes for you to practice with. If you want to add/remove/change a color, feel free~

3. I wanna show you this thing I drew!!!

  • Tag it with Color Me Curious so I can see :O!!!! 

4. When is the next challenge?

  • It’ll be whenever I feel like making a new one! They won’t pop up very often due to me being lazy (woops).

5. I don’t like these palettes, can I make art with the other palettes on your blog?

  • Yeah!! The challenges are really just for fun. There’s nothing special about these palettes other than I made them specifically for these ~drawing challenge weeks~.